V.E.A. - Virtual Eyewear Assistant
Optician revolution

The V.E.A. Store is the first shop in the world that


and transformed it into an immersive experience that
makes the customer the designer of their own eyewear.

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Increase the involvment of people allowing them


The key is not limit you in choosing your eyewear, as it accurs in the standard models. This will help you not invest huge capitals, just to have glasses, that maybe won't be sold.

Customer point of view

From the customer’s perspective

Imagine for a moment to put yourself in your customers’ shoes: you go into an optical centre and find a range of products chosen and selected by staff that does not reflect the entire range of models available on the market. Companies produce thousands of different eyewear models and sales reps only choose the ones that sell the most to sell to opticians. The latter buy the models they think will suit the majority of their customers. When you enter a store you will have a limited choice made up of eyewear with a pre-set fitting and standard colours. In essence your choice will be filtered by what sales reps and opticians want to sell. Now imagine that you have the entire range of models, sizes, colours and have eyewear that fits perfectly on your face. You will be able to create customised eyewear from a complete range of choices. In addition to choosing Biometric eyewear, i.e. made using the actual measurements of your face, you can choose between two other different methods:

  • Best Fitting will allow you to choose from existing models with pre-set sizes that are nevertheless suitable for your face;
  • Custom will allow you to choose the frames and the mix of colours you prefer; the algorithm will suggest the most suitable fit from the three possibilities.

...that's the V.E.A. Store.

Optician point of view

From the optician’s perspective

Today things are bought knowing that there is a limited time to sell them. Models go out of fashion and if they are not sold promptly they remain in stock. Opticians therefore invest money without getting any profit. V.E.A. Store turns this concept on its head: Before the product is sold and produced it is bought. This reduces investment in stock and makes it possible to fight the competition by optimising profit. In addition this way opticians can compete with the bargain prices that are on offer on the internet. Only then will you continue to provide customer service that no e-commerce site can ever provide. That's not all: customers will choose the size, shape and colours for their customised eyewear. You will no longer sell standard but made to measure eyewear. ...that’s the V.E.A. Store. The customised product market is continuously growing. Opticians will no longer sell standard products but ONLY what customers want.

>> Why people will love V.E.A.



Increase the volume of foot traffic.



Customers will choose eyewear in an innovative way, something that is of interest to younger generations



They will have the possibility to create frames that are perfect for their face.



Customers will be able to see their "virtual" face on the screen and modify every characteristic of the frames in real time.



With the help of the virtual assistant you will have a dedicated and exclusive personal shopper.



The experience is involving and unique. Customers create their own eyewear.



All over the world Made in Italy is recognised as a symbol of attention to detail, elegance and high quality products.

>> Who's behind V.E.A. Store and its technology?

THEMA a Family Factory

Our know how comes from our history: behind the V.E.A. technology lies all the experience of Thema, a company located in the region of Cadore. FABBRICA THEMA is a source of pride for Italian eyewear.

  • 50 years' experience in producing eyewear;
  • 4 production sites: 2 in Italy and 2 abroad;
  • From 14 to 70 employees in the last 6 years;
  • Collections distributed in more than 50 countries;
  • More than 160 new models launched every year;
  • More than 22,500 satisfied customers;
  • 5 international patents;
  • An average of more than 190 orders per day.

All this thanks to the targeted and successful sales strategy, widespread distribution, an especially effective after-sales service, partnerships with prestigious and highly successful professionals and an entrepreneurial spirit that can assess and predict the future. In fact Thema was already creating custom-made eyewear back in 2015.

Sede Thema Optical a Domegge di Cadore
V.E.A. store advantages
  • 1
    You will produce only what you sell
  • 2
    You will no longer need a large warehouse for the whole range of frames in your inventory to show customers
  • 3
    You will sell custom-made eyewear


Whether you're the owner of an optical shop or you would like to experience this world, there are several ways to open a V.E.A. Store. You can simply use the V.E.A. kit in your shop or you can even create it from zero with our support: from the store sign to the furniture, including machinery. Below you will find our investment options:

Mq. Possibility of CNC and finish* Conciergedesk Shapes and demo eyewear panels Large 55" screen Virtual shop window Welcome Armchairs Graphic Kit**
MINI STORE fino a 35 1 done done done 2 done
STORE 50 done 2 done done done done 2 done
MEGA STORE > 80 done 2/3 done done done done 4 done
SHOP IN SHOP Corner in a multi-brand store Kit V.E.A.
Includes a tablet, software, a camera and (possibly) "demo models"
done done

*Possibility of CNC and finish the machinery may not be present in the store. In this case production will be carried out by Fabbrica Thema in the factory in Domegge di Cadore (BL) and sent within 5 days from the order.

**Graphic Kit: the kit includes an external sign, window transparencies, information packs, internal signs and coordinated images.

Come and join the V.E.A. Store Revolution!

We have shown you the future, it's now up to you (in collaboration with us) to make it happen!


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